Exotic Pet Care

Cody Pet Hospital accepts both traditional companion pets and nontraditional caged
pets including small mammals, and small lizards.

Small Mammal Care

Rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs are all patients at Cody Pet. These smaller pets have very specific nutritional and environmental requirements. Many people discover that having a caged pet is quite a commitment as food requirements, light cycles, temperatures, and humidity requirements are all very specific. At Cody Pet Hospital we offer basic husbandry education, wellness care and of course medical care if your pet becomes sick or injured. If your pet needs a specialist we would suggest a board-certified specialist.

Reptile Care

At Cody Pet Hospital we see the two most common reptilian pets which are bearded dragons and geckos. We can provide you with basic husbandry advice and nutritional care. Unlike companion pets, your beardie or gecko will not get any shots but may need an x-ray to determine the health of the bones.

Things to consider before getting a less common type of pet. Make sure you understand the feeding requirements before picking out a pet. Many require live insects and or fresh vegetables and fruit every day. Also, find out about the lifespan of your new pet before you make a decision For young children the loss of a pet is a very difficult thing and parents need to be prepared. Third, like anything else, look carefully into habitat requirements before you take the plunge into “exotic pet ownership”!

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