Pet Boarding and House Calls

We provide comfortable pet boarding and convenient house calls.

As a full-service animal clinic, Cody Pet Hospital of Norfolk, Massachusetts, offers everything from pet boarding to house calls. We are committed to nothing less than the complete comfort and well-being of your pet.

Pet Boarding

We have spacious boarding facilities for both cats and dogs, including 6′ X 6′ and 6′ X 12′ indoor runs. Our outdoor runs are the size of a small backyard. We only board five to seven dogs at a time, so the dogs get plenty of attention.

For our feline guests, we have cat condos with portholes between the cages and perches for the cats to rest on. Each cat gets let out into the cat room for exercise. The cat room has floor to ceiling scratching posts, carpeted walkways along the wall and ceiling, and a great big cat tree—plenty of areas for exploration!

We also offer house calls!

Is your feline companion deathly afraid of traveling to the vet? Does your cat disappear for days the moment he or she gets a glimpse of the dreaded cat carrier? Do you feel like a lion tamer when you try and catch your cat and impound him or her in the cat carrier?

Cats, by their very nature, are house pets. They do not like change and they have a fear of going to new places. Unlike dogs who become ecstatic over any car ride, cats tend to get motion sick and may stress on the entire car ride to the vet.

If your cat has a phobia about traveling to the animal hospital, we have a solution. Our doctors offer house call services to your shy, timid, terrified, trembling patient. We find that cats are generally complacent and compliant in the calm environment of their own home. In the rare case where your cat needs services above and beyond what we can provide in your home, we are equipped to peacefully tranquilize your cat for transport back to the animal hospital.

Please do not hesitate to call us for more information on our house call services or availability. Your cat deserves the best care.

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5 Sharon Ave
Norfolk, MA 02056
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Located off of 1A, South of the 1A & 115 Intersection

AAHA Accredited

AAHA establishes exacting standards for veterinary practices and fosters professionalism and excellence in all phases of hospital operations. We voluntarily meet these high standards so we can provide you with superior service each and every time you visit.

Hospital Schedule

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